Short Bio

An Air Force brat constantly on the move, Alan was exposed to diverse cultures and geographic locales that helped establish early interests in history and science. This was complemented by a growing curiosity of the different and mysterious, fueled by an admittedly overactive imagination!

Originally studying fine art at the University of Colorado, Alan later became an advertising artist working for a variety of firms. Eventually his work as a digital illustrator landed him in an annual of the prestigious Communication Arts magazine.

After receiving an M.S. in Applied Visualization from Mississippi State University, Alan’s work in painting, multimedia and illustration began to reflect a growing interest in a juxtaposition of organic and mechanical systems, of recognizable and unrecognizable…of the nature of perception. Surreal approaches and abstraction became the ideal platform to realize this thinking.

His paintings, often integrating three-dimensionally modeled forms with linear structures and flat planes of color, represent an effort to explore possible permutations of this idea.

Alan lives with his family near the Castlewood Canyon area just south of Denver, Colorado.