Sticky Piles

“At Last,” as the immortal Etta James once sang. Almost done. Done with site reconstruction that is. As someone who prefers to build/maintain my own site, it takes time and thought to pull it all together. There are lots of design/content decisions to make. This spawns lots of notes (I’m a die-hard note taker). So I noticed sprawling piles of sticky notes growing in clusters, like things with a life of their own, all over my desk.  I’m thinking, wait why isn’t this in a notebook? A subconscious contentment with chaos? I think it has something to do with the piles being in my face, so I can’t (easily) forget or ignore. What’s crazy is that I hesitate to let go of most of those stickies, afraid there is some critical piece of info I may need in the future (dangerously close to hoarder mentality, I know), so I end up sticking most of those notes into a notebook after all. Yes, I have LOTS of notebooks and sketchbooks full of invaluable, ancient sticky notes. Sigh. Anyway, almost done.