What Am I All About?

I write and draw stuff.

I am an author/illustrator living in Colorado. I create illustration primarily aimed at the children’s publishing market as well as sequential art.

All my life has revolved to varying degrees around drawing and inventing stories. This may have something to do with being an Air Force brat moving to a different country or state every two or three years…a way for me to hang onto something steady and understandable. But the love of drawing and making stories developed from my love of books. Imaginary creatures and spaceships held an early interest for me since kindergarten. Lucky for me the school I attended had plenty of those. What few picture books we had at home had a tendency to end up being filled with crayon or pencils tracing around the outline of the characters. My parents weren’t terribly happy with my efforts at becoming a self-taught artist.

Not too much later came the discovery of comic books. When I was 6 years old we lived for a time with my Nicaraguan grandmother in Guatemala City. There were little fold-up newsstands selling bubble gum, candies and comic books strategically set up near the school bus stop. While waiting for my bus one day I flipped through a copy of an adventure comic, printed in Spanish. Naturally, I was instantly hooked.

Eventually I received my BA in Visualization Studies with a minor in art, and an MS in Applied Visualization where I combined creative/art processes with digital technologies and coding. Later I worked as a designer/illustrator in the advertising business, but I could still be found putting together comics, writing fantastical stories and drawing scenes from make believe worlds. It was inescapable. And, its what I continue to do now.

Other interests include playing guitar, tinkering with electronics and watching time travel movies. Currently I am working on writing/drawing a middle grade graphic novel while continuing to develop my work in whimsical, character-driven story.