I write and draw stuff.

I am an author/illustrator living in Colorado. I create whimsical illustration primarily aimed at the young adult and all-ages publishing market and story-driven, sequential art in general.

The love of drawing and making stories developed from my love of books at a very early age. Imaginary creatures and spaceships were (and still are) my favorites of course. Naturally comic books and newspaper comic strips became a big part of my world. It wasn’t enough to read them though, I wanted to make them! And so I did.

It’s clear to me my destiny is to work on writing and illustrating compelling, fun stories regardless of the format: comics, graphic novels, or whatever it may be. Currently I am working on writing/drawing/concept development for several original graphic novel ideas as well as other comics and webtoon offerings as I continue to develop my work in whimsical, character-driven story.