As an artist, I consider myself an explorer, documenting through my work those fascinating places and mysterious things that lie hidden within the human consciousness, just beyond the immediately visible. You know that momentary glimmer from the corner of your eye that you thought you saw? That’s the place from which my images emerge. Sometimes they are whimsical and light, sometimes not so much.

Though my visual work is generally of an abstract nature, I like to experiment with the interplay of line work and modeled lighting, of which either can be explicit or merely suggested, representational in varying degrees or not at all…in any case I prefer the viewer to decide what it is they are seeing. It’s always fascinating to hear someone else’s interpretation of my work.

But what I like best about my creative journeys are the feeling of excitement, curiosity and a bit of suspense…often I find the final piece will transcend my original vision, and that is always a welcome surprise!
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